Regarding authorship: original information on some tutorials are based on various sources, generally available on the web, etc. The objective of these pages is to facilitate learning with students, to maintain brevity and convey critical information, and are generally in the form of notation for class walk-throughs, and to explain how to do things, not to promote these pages as works of unique technical discovery.

ZBrush and Maya
Blender and Gimp
Photoshop and Illustrator

Google Sketchup

Simple house
Intro to Sketchup
Importing and setting up CAD files
Model from a CAD floorplan
Stairs, 2 methods
Sandbox Smoove for creating terrains

Architectural Visualization

3ds Max for Visualization

The Area

Autodesk Education Community


Bevel up

Bevel out

Intro to walls and windows

Intro to making AEC objects


Intro to Splines



Configuring User Paths (so Max finds bitmaps easier)

Materials: (bitmap and UVW map)

Materials: IDs and Multi/Sub-object material simplified

Materials: AEC templates

Materials: Real World Scale

Unwrap a brick

The most simple chrome

Ray-trace chrome

Mental Ray Materials

Arch and Design Chrome


5 light/shadow types

Standard 3 point lighting setup

mental ray Dayllight system

Checking in on our skills

Object with 1 light

Abstract sculpture garden

All together now

Very Simple House Part 1

Very Simple House Part 2

Tilt-up Shed

Tilt-up Shed Part 2

Simple House Step 1: Basic Model

Simple House Step 2: Materials, ground plane, environment sky, standard lights

Simple House Step 3: Exterior Lighting with the Daylight System and rendering with mental ray

Step 1: Cottage basic model: walls, doors, and windows

Step 2: Cottage materials for floor and walls

Step 3: Cottage materials for door and windows

Step 4: Cottage roof, IE sun/sky, sitework, panorama, and render

Triangle Buildings


3ds Max Crash Courses


Austin Green Energy Professionals Directory

3ds Max 2009 Architectural Visualization-Intermediate to Advanced [COLOR] (Hardcover)

3ds Max 2008 Architectural Visualization-Intermediate to Advanced [COLOR] (Hardcover)

AutoCAD Tutor CAD to Photoshop

Art, design, and visualization

Rapid Visualization
2 point perspective simple

2 point perspective in steps

Photoshop tips for colorizing

Scan and setup for colorizing in one page

Scan and set up your drawing for colorizing in detail

Acquiring trees

Intelligent Tracing

Textures in perspective

Wall Wash

2 point interior

Airbrush shading a Cylinder

Airbrush shading a Sphere

Photoshop: Hue Saturation Brightness

Buildings, geometry and perspective, colorizing for architecture
3 Basic geometric non-perspective objects with light source and shading
Cast Shadows receding
Recessed Doorway
Loft a 2 point House from ortho elevations
Grid out a house in Photoshop
Notes on flat reflections, ground blur, etc.
Colorize marker drawings with the fill bucket

Design concepts
Rule of 3

Drawing vehicles
Reference: Hi-res Hot Rod side view on grid
Resize hot rod with pencil on a grid
2 point Humvee
Setting up an ellipse on perspective, for wheels
Tilt wheel ellipse to align to axle
Wheel basic setup 1
Wheel basic setup 2

Download storyboard single frame word doc
Download 6-up Illustrator storyboard
Make an animatic or storyboard in Max with cameras, simple objects, and bipeds
Sample Storyboard made from Max renders
Download Word Storyboard example from Max renders

Notes from Robert McKee's Story

Human proportions and representation
Male head side
Character sheet turn-around guide
Female anime style face extreme close-up
Female 9.5 heads
Eyes 2

Photosop and Illustrator

CS3 Interface PDF
CS3 Preferences PDF

Drawing Cel Art, from pencil to digital
Soft highlights on a face
Damarus shades and hi-lites

Compositing from Max
Z-depth from Max
Fog using Z-depth

Tablet clouds with opacity jitter on/off
Perspective lines
Show atmospheric depth in Photoshop

Colorize marker drawings with the fill bucket

Beveling Panels
Paint with blending modes
Using a tablet
Textures with blend modeMetallic Interface
Disable the bevel on part of a layer
Clipping paths to restrict adjustment layers

Drawing Cel Art, from pencil to digital
Damarus from felt tip drawing to PSD to AI to Flash
Path tips
Transparent gradients, like in PSD
Bezier Practice
Bezier Practice Hi-Res
Set up bezier trace exercise
Some easy tools
Make a crescent shape

3ds Max

Video training
Intro to Max

Links to external Car tuts
Fitting car doors

Buildings and interiors
Simple texture standard lites interior walls
Modular Level
Level with extruded hallway
Tilt-up Simple House
Simple house part 2

Modeling tricks

Transitioning polygonal density
Rotate around a vertex
Normal align
Spline on a sphere
Paint deformation shortcuts
Transform subobjects with an aligned gizmo using a grid helper
Show 3 sided faces [edges visible]

Modified Luger
Handgun notes

Cartoony Dawg

Vehicles and starships

Obi-Wan Starfighter [unfinished]

Organic and nature
Rocks with modifers
Complete terrain with skydome, light array and fog
Paint a displace terrain

Concepts and methods
Tips on grids, aligns, etc.

Super simple box man part 1
Super simple box man part 2
Super simple box man part 3
Super simple box man part 4
Super simple box man part 5
[Super simple box man's hands to come]
Model simple male figure from cylinder
Anatomical detailing

Human Head
Some screen shots of female head model process
Reflection and lighting for eyes, plus tear ducts
Polygonal hair
Eyebrows and lashes from Hair
Eyebrows from a Plane
Skin texture plus lights and teeth
Lighting a head and skin
Reference images and sketching
The eye simplified
Misc. notes on the head
The nose
Simple head from sphere with side poles

Spline model head
Female Anime Head Spline model notes

Notes on the Chandi Spline Model

Spline/surface modeling tips
Spline model from spline to surface to patch
Working with splines for surface modeling

Render your model with Occlusion Pass

Windows in walls

Unwrap a brick
UVW Man - Face not mirrored
Pelt mapping a head
Pelt mapping a Cloth Hood
UV and Texture Cloth Hood using clone stamp from photo reference

Methods and concepts for Materials
Basic Ray-trace for opaque materials
PSD notes for texture artists
Composite maps
Blend vs. Mix maps

Intro to texture baking

Basics of texture baking buildings
Normal Mapping

Organic and nature
Surface water: raytrace and falloff
Simple water


Terrain mapping

Procedural terrain

Sky and stars
Easy skydome with noise gradient
Wiro's 3 classic metals
[1 done, 2 to go]
Simplest Chrome using Max's canned material
Simple Ray-trace chrome
Chrome based on IOR
Dirt chrome
Multi-Layer car paint
Rust with the clouds and difference clouds filters in photoshop
Metallic reflections on a flat surface
Blend to show erosion between layers

Simple texture standard lites interior walls

Explosive crate from photographic source

Head and figure
Make Anime Hair in Photoshop (very simple)
Camera moves
Camera and Scene transitions

Mental Ray Cameras
Depth of Field
Object motion blur
Standard lights
5 light/shadow types
Standard 3 point lighting setup
Easy spotlight sun and light array for outdoors
Photometric lights and their shadows
Photometric lights and radiosity
Broken up volume light

Mental Ray Final Gather Lighting setups
Volume light
Setting up indoor lights plus exterior daylight
Indoor-outdoor final gather settings Max 9
Ambient Occlusion with Arch & Design Mats
Photometric Lighting Interior and Exterior
mr Sun and mr Sky together
Outdoors mrArea sun
Lume Sky Dome for fast model or outdoor lighting setup
Using mr Area Spot Lights for soft cast shadows
Soft Shadow mr Area Spot light with Lume Glow skydome
Fastest lighting setup for models or outdoors: IE sun and IE Sky

3 Light and environment slot outdoor setup
mrArea Lites without Mental Ray
mrArea Lites and DGS

Track View
Curve editor notes
Curve editor overview
Dope sheet overview
Ball bounce with multiplier curve
Image of correct ball keys for bounce
Bounce a squash and stretch ball

Cartoony Eye with FFD
Light saber
Link constraint -- do it right
Biped, Skin, Bones, Rigging, Morpher, etc.

Vertex Weight Table
Morph Angle Deformer
Bulge and Joint Angle Deformers
Turning off Always Deform
Resize a biped that already has skin

Segmented character rig
(with biped, armor, mouth, morpher)

Squash-stretch toon eye


5 essential keys for animation

Planted Walk Cycle simplified 24 frames

Footsteps notes
Walk your biped
ips on walk cycle

Wire fingers
Mirror IK

Squash and stretch bones
Flexible wrists and twisty arms
Essential basic rig with helpers and reverse IK legs
Maya style leg and foot

Cartoony dog head rig

Non-event Particle Effects
Smoke, fire, water

Fiery Blast
Tips for smoke, fire, water

Fire with Blur Electric tendrils
Particle Starfield
Weapon fire
Flak cannon

Rain with Spray
Bubble motion
Volumetric explosion/smoke with instanced geometry
Blow up an oil tank

Pre-rendered explosions
Concepts and methods

Object Mutation
Spawn particles
Pixie Dust Glow and Object Motion Inheritence

Atmosphere FX
Volumetric fog
Background fog with gradient
Blend terrain to sky with a material
Skydome: Dragon sky
Skydome: procedural starfield

Materials for FX
Cheap Pistol Flare
Plasma Stream
Morpher Material

Smoke, fire, water
Material for smoke, fire, water


Splash and mist


Very basic smoke with self-illumination

Smoke with particle age


Make your fire glow

Game decals

Blood spatter Targa decal
Blast mark decal
Blast mark in cement decal

Methods and concepts
Stealth: Animate Mix values on a Blend Map

Particle MBur and Particle Age
Multi-sub object materials

Particle Flow
Overview for blobmesh
Overview for Guided missile with breaking up target included
Smoke with particle age and the material dynamic operator
Guided missile
Particle Age
Particle Age with Output Map

Mental Ray

Mental Ray

Photons and indoor setups
Indoors single photometric area light plus skylight
Global Illumination indoors setup
Global Illumination steps

Diamond or Gem with Refractions

Mental Ray Materials
Arch and Design Chrome
Photoshop Composite with Ambient Occlusion to Fake GI
Sub Surface Scattering
3 ways to make glass
Lume Ocean
Mental Ray Car Paint

Light emitting object
Lume Mist, Beam, and Parti-volume for a volume spot light
Overview Reactor crate breaking
Fracture a wall into fragments
Reactor notes

Fixing cloth passing through an object
Draped cloth
Cloth and animated rigid body
Cloth and a deforming mesh
Dragon wings with Delaunay advance surface approximation

Compositing and other

Video Post
Useful video post procedures [more to come]
Render in reverse

Application Shortcuts
Max by the numbers


Setting up audio for microphone recording with SB Audigy

Frooty Loops Piano effects

Hardware input solutions:
Samson condenser Mic/USB CO1U
Lightsnake USB/XLR
Lightsnake USB/1/4"

Shure 7M58 Mic with XLR-to-guitar plug adapter to use with guitar amp

Integrating Samson CO1U with software

Video on the CO1U



3d modeling cars collection of links
Car tutorials

Level editors
Hammer from Valve [Half-Life2]
Radiant [Doom3]

Volume Shading and color
Steven Stahlberg's cylindrical study

Blend modes

Car art

pencil and markers

psd and pencil


pens and markers


Shading and lighting
very nice notes on shading and radiosity in psd

Lighting, Rendering and Effects
"Faking GI" by BonarSiregar "Simulating Global/Indirect Illumination with Mental Ray" by Richard Minh Le 

"Occlusion in 3DSmax 7" by Ozgur Ustundag 

3d Lighting Setups: 3 Point Lighting by Jenn Downs

"Lightmapping a Level" by Kieran Belkus  

"Exterior Render - Mental Ray Render" by Hao Ke La 

'The Phoenix building' and other buildings by Juan Siquier

Concept art

Access a DVD animation to trace
Tips on approaching flash projects
Segmented character
Animate the slime ball
Shockwave: rotate your 3D model
Digital SLR
Depth of field blurring
Avoiding fish eye bowing of edges
Dreamweaver and Web Sites

Gallery/Portfolio: Open Browser in New Window
Transparent Flash Button

ITT Test Site

Make a favicon

Unreal 2004

Unreal 2004
Terrain from a PSD height map
Bombing Run
CTF vehicles
Skybox overview
Simple skybox and fog
Importing model and texture from 3ds Max
Intro to UnrealEd
Viewing Levels

Capture the Flag
Weapons Base

Movers [doors, elevators, etc.]


Slow Look Lean Roll
Counter steer